Camden - Kings Bay Council

Access to NSB Kings Bay for Camden - Kings Bay Council Members

As reported in the December 22, 2016, edition of The Trident, we have been informed by CAPT Brian Lepine, commanding officer of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, that, for security reasons, the SUBASE will no longer extend guest status or provide NSBKB photo IDs to civilians. Members of the Camden - Kings Bay Navy League Council are among those affected by this policy action.

Navy League Subase photo IDs currently held by Council members remain in effect until their expiration, but will not be renewed. Members whose Navy League Subase photo IDs are expiring will not be allowed to renew them.

Without a Navy League Subase photo ID, current at the time of the event, access to the Subase for a Council event will require that you RSVP for the event so that your name appears on the "guest list" for that event. The guest list will be available to the guards at both access gates. You will be allowed on the Subase by showing a photo ID (e.g. valid driver's license) and stating the event you are attending.
We are continuing to discuss with Subase leadership the impact of this policy change on local Navy League members, and will notify you of any amendments to this policy.

If you have questions about the new policy, or if you will suffer a hardship due to this new policy, please contact Council President Sam Colville.