Camden - Kings Bay Council

"Christmas in March" for the MSST

Members of the Board were honored to be invited to the Coast Guard Maritime Safety & Security Team Kings Bay's quarterly awards ceremony on March 7th. We always knew our adopted MSST command doesn't have a lot of downtime, but when we learned from unit CO LCDR Eric Casper that portions of the Team were on deployment over Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years last year, we thought we should do something to recognize their dedication and commitment.

But, how do you adequately thank these outstanding young men and women for their selfless service to our country? The very least we could do was to host a lunch for the Team following the Awards Ceremony. It wasn't exactly "Christmas in March," but we hope our small gesture showed how much we appreciate and care about our adopted unit and their families.

Individuals recognized at the Awards Ceremony included:

Boat Crew Qualification
Fitness Excellence Awards 
MK3 Abril
LTJG Adams
BM3 Carello
MKC Payne

ME2 Chavez – 63 sit-ups, 8:58 run, 12 pull-ups, 10 chin-ups (tied)
Tactical Boat Crew Qualification
EM2 Zamora - 10 chin-ups (tied)
MK3 Patton
BM3 McLaughlin

ME3 O’Flynn
Pursuit Coxswain Qualification
ME3 Whitney – 77 push-ups
BM2 Dilorenzo

Spartan Marksmanship Awards 
Education Excellence
GM1 Carreras - 243 (out of 250)
BM1 Edwards
BM1 Edwards - 242

MK3 Abril - 243
Special Operations Service Ribbon
ME3 O’Flynn - 247
MK1 Casas
ME3 Whitney - 247
MK2 Beronio

BM2 Dilorenzo
Top Shot Award 
MK2 Frazier
ME3 O’Flynn – 247 out of 250 (based on tighter grouping)
BM2 Jones

EM2 Mitchell
Good Conduct Medal
BM2 Patterson
EM2 Zamora
BM2 Swofford 

BM2 Tedford
Spirit of Excellence Award
BM2 Zingler
DC2 Martinez 
GM3 Hill

MK3 Lara
Runner-up for Enlisted Person of the Quarter (4th Qtr 2016)
BM3 Lehman
GM1 Carreras
BM3 Lohman

BM3 McLaughlin
Enlisted Person of the Quarter (4th Qtr 2016)
MK3 Patton
ME2 Chavez
BM3 Weber

MK3 Wheeler
Enlisted Person of the Year (2016)

BM1 Gardiner

MSST Coast Guardsman of the Year for 2016 BM1 Gardiner will be deployed over our May 11th Annual Sea Service Awards Ceremony, and not available to be recognized at that time. Knowing that, we took the opportunity on March 7th to get a photo of BM1 Gardiner and Enlisted Person of the Quarter ME2 Chavez cutting the ceremonial "Happy Belated Christmas Cake," donated by the St. Marys Submarine Museum, following the luncheon:

From left to right: Keith Post, Executive Director, St. Marys Submarine Museum; BM1 Gardiner; ME2 Chavez; LCDR Casper; Council President Sam Colville

View more photos taken at the event in our Photo Gallery.