Camden - Kings Bay Council

December 3, 2015, DC Fly-In

On December 3rd Cheryl Aston, Shelia McNeil, Keith Post, and Dave Reilly participated in the Navy League's annual Washington D.C Fly-In, along with 75 other Navy Leaguers from across the country. The Navy Leaguers split up into small groups and briefed over 175 congressmen and senators and their staffs on the importance of the sea services in keeping the United States both secure and prosperous in the future.

Our Navy Leaguers were all exhilarated by the reception given to us from the congressionals who all seemed anxious to hear us provide valuable information on the dangers of continued use of sequestration, which seriously underfunds our sea services, and continuing resolutions, which destroy program stability. We also provided key information on such topic as:

  • The importance of Ohio Replacement Program to assure continued peace from major wars and the critical need for a 308-ship Navy.
  • The need for fully funding the much needed Coast Guard recapitalization program to ensure they can satisfy their expanded duties since 9/11.
  • The need for additional amphibious ships, the MARCORP F-35B joint strike fighters and the MV-22 Ospreys to ensure they are able to complete assigned missions.
  • The importance of the Cargo Preference Act, the Jones Act and the critical nature of the Maritime Security Program to our merchant fleet and to the security of the United States at vastly reduced cost to what this type security could cost.
  • The Navy League's "America's Strength" program.

The Fly-In provided all participants an opportunity to contribute to the Navy League's mission that Teddy Roosevelt founded us for in 1902, which is to educate on the importance of a strong sea service to the United States. The congressionals that we briefed seemed to be very impressed that we believed the sea services missions important enough to us to travel at our expense to make this point to them.

We encourage all who feel strongly about the importance of the sea services to our continued prosperity and security to join us in the next Fly-In currently scheduled late fall 2017. You will feel a sense of great accomplishment for having fulfilled a primary mission of the Navy League of the United States and meeting those that have the responsibility to ensure the services are funded to meet their assigned mission.

View photos taken during the Fly-In in our Photo Gallery.